About Incubation Practice School

Venture Center operates an Incubation Practice SchoolTM to share its learning relating to technology and business incubation with other upcoming incubators.

About Venture Center:

  • India’s largest inventive enterprises and scientific business incubator.India’s largest bioincubator, in terms of (resident) incubatees.
  • Winner of the National Award for TBI, 2015 received from the President of India on 11 May 2016.
  • Winner of AABI’s Incubator of the Year Award 2018.
  • Incubator team strength of 27 (as of April 2018) including people trained in sciences, engineering, business& management, commerce and law. Meet the team: http://www.venturecenter.co.in/team/
  • Home to the pioneering Lab2Mkt™ program that focuses on creating spinouts from publicly funded R&D organizations. First incubator in the CSIR system.
  • Home to the best performing IP Facilitation Centre in India
  • Known for its service quality, operational processes and attention to detail.
  • Accredited for Good Governance and Transparency by CREDAL.
  • Venture Center is a member of iNBIA, APIN and ISBA. Team members are affiliated to AUTM. Key team members have contributed to committees of GoI, state governments and institutions in different capacities and roles.

Supported by BIRAC

Venture Center gratefully acknowledges the support  (for the period 1 April 2018-31 March 2021) of BIRAC under its BIRAC Regional Bioinnovation Centre (BRBC) program for certain aspects of the Incubation Practice School.