Training Program

Training Program

From time-to-time, Venture Center organizes training programs aimed at Incubation Managers and associated Technology/ Innovation/ Investment managers. These are intended as knowledge sharing programs and are done by Venture Center so as to general help strengthen competencies and as a contribution to the incubation/ innovation/ investment management community at large.  Venture Center may invite external experts and members of other incubators for such events as faculty. Venture center plans to carry out these activities in partnership with incubation/ technology management association, international organizations and foreign embassies.

Features of this program:

  • The Training Programs shall be 1-6 day program depending upon the scope covered.
  • Most training programs shall be organized at Venture Center premises
  • Some illustrative topics planned:
    • Setting Up and Operating a Technology Business Incubation Program
    • Setting Up and Operating a BioIncubator
    • Setting Up and Operating a Technology Business Incubation Program (specifically for CSIR laboratories)
    • Setting up and Running an In-house Patent Cell
    • Setting up and Running a Technology Transfer Office
    • Setting up and Running a Faculty Entrepreneurship Program
    • How to create Spinout enterprises?
    • Setting Up and Running an Investment Activity at an Incubator.


  • Open to all

Terms and Conditions/ Fees and payment terms/ Discounts and special announcements:

  • As announced in the event information sheet

Getting started:

  • Venture Center organizes these workshops from time-to-time based on perceived need. There is no fixed schedule.
  • You can send in your request, record your interest and area of interest here. If there is sufficient interest, the Venture Center will plan an event to meet the requests. If you record your interest here, we will inform you when we plan such and event and invite you to participate.

Previous programs:

Contact person for this program:

Soma Chattopadhyay
Manager Incubator
Venture Center
100, NCL Innovation Park
NCL Campus, Pashan
DrHomiBhabha Road
Pune – 411008
Phone: 020-2586-5877