Remote Mentoring

Remote Mentoring under FRACTAL program

Under this program, the Venture Center’s Incubation team mentors other incubation managers with information, proposal refinement advise, inputs on laws/compliance/ strategy, referrals etc via Phone/ Skype/ Email.

Features of this program:

  • The target audience for this program: Incubation managers at upcoming incubators.


  • Open to all incubators

Terms and conditions:

  • Remote Mentoring program will be available for 6 months/organization with two hours of advisory time/month. Incubation team has slotted a maximum of 16 hours a month for this activity. Interested persons can apply for the program using the online form below. Usually, service is on a First-Come-First Serve basis.
  • While the Venture Center team will offer inputs and advise on documents prepared by the beneficiaries of this program, Venture Center will not offer to or undertake preparation of documents etc for the beneficiary.
  • Venture Center will not be sharing confidential/restricted information; only generic knowledge and insights. Venture Center may be able to help with worksheets and templates to help the beneficiary arrive at a better plan and roadmap for their incubator.

Fees and payment terms:

  • Non-profit incubators supported by DST-NSTEDB under NIDHI-TBI and BIRAC under BioNest: Rs 5,000/ 6 months
  • Other non-profit incubators: Rs 10,000 / 6 months
  • For profit incubator or incubators of corporates and others: Ask for quote
  • Advance payments only.

Discounts and special announcements:

  • None at this time

Getting started:

  • Fill up the online form
  • We usually respond within 2 days on availability.
  • Make payments, as applicable
  • Confirmation is sent over email.
  • A kick-off meeting is planned and organized.
  • After that the beneficiary has to come up with periodic requests that the VC team will address over Phone and Skype and Email.

Beneficiaries of this program:

Contact person for this program:

Soma Chattopadhyay
Head Incubation & Mentoring
Venture Center
100, NCL Innovation Park
NCL Campus, Pashan
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
Pune – 411008
Phone: 020-2586-5877

This service was offered earlier as the Fractal Program

Fractals are self-replicating shapes.

The Fractal program aims to assist other incubators, accelerators and technology commercialization programs get started and/or grow by sharing Venture Center’s learning and experiences.