Reference Materials

Reference Materials and Workbooks

Several free resources are available on the net. Here are a selected few.

Rules and scheme documents impacting creation of incubation centers within CSIR (Restricted access; Remote mentoring program members can request password)

The Venture Center shall be putting out some workbooks and reference materials for sale soon!

FRACTAL Guide Book (Available only as a Print Copy)

This box file contains printed version of documents on,

  • Guidance documents for funding schemes for setting up an incubator
  • Relevant laws and rules to be aware of as an incubator manager
  • Policies and guidelines of a typical incubator
  • Guidance note on financial planning and sustainability
  • Resources for mentoring and guiding startups
  • Selected rules and policies relevant to publicly funded academic/ R&D organizations


·         For non-profit academic and R&D organizations: Rs 10,000

·         For profits and incubators affiliated to corporates: Rs 30,000

Get a copy of the book

Watch this site for new materials available for incubators.

Contact person for this program:

Soma Chattopadhyay
Manager Incubator
Venture Center
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